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The development of any kiosk model isn't limited by any component. The only restriction for the use of kiosk components is the chassis. The size of the internal space may be only restriction as to what components can be installed inside.
Kiosks can be used to automate a variety of business processes. An example of kiosk use for HR purposes is the automation of capturing employee check-in/check-out times. We can create a UI to capture this process on a kiosk unit with real-time updates to an internal or cloud database.
Do you offer warrantees on your kiosks after production and setup?
We offer a standard one-year warranty, and extended warrantees. This can be reviewed prior to contract signing.
By completing our inquiry form, we can give you an accurate quote. The costs of kiosk may fluctuate based on the factory metal cost for the chassis, and internal components.
It takes 30 - 35 days to build a test unit kiosk. Once a mould has been built, replication of multiple units can be done in 10 - 15 days depending on the number of components available.

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