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Looking for technology solutions that won't break the bank, but will take your business to the next level? Look no further than Glonetex Technologies.

We have got you covered with our wide range of products and services designed to streamline your operations and make your business more efficient.

  • UI/UX Design & Development Services
  • Biometric ID Management
  • Document And Workflow Management
  • Custom Kiosk Design Solutions
  • Software & Mobile Project Management

Multi-Domain Expertise

We extend our services to businesses and organizations of all
sizes across all domains to align them with their goals.

Small and Medium Scale
Enterprises (SME’s)

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. We work with SMEs to provide affordable and scalable IT services that help them build a professional online presence and manage their businesses more efficiently.

Empowering Enterprise

When it comes to technology, bigger doesn't always mean better - but it does mean more complex. Our Enterprise business model is designed to support large-scale organizations and help their Project and Program Managers deliver cost-effective solutions that keep them ahead of the curve.

Federal and Local
Government Agencies

At Glonetex Technologies, we understand that government agencies have to operate within tight budgets and eventighter deadlines. That's why we offer significant discounts toFederal and Local Governments, helping them to stay withinbudget and deliver technology projects that benefit their communities.

Keeping You Ahead

Glonetex Technologies is a technology solutions provider committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to businesses worldwide. We push the boundaries of technology to help our clients succeed in today's ever-evolving business landscape

Our Kiosk Automation Services

We offer kiosks to support just about any service industry.

Featured Kiosk

  • Custom 21.5-inch Automatic Smart Self Service Check-in Terminal Card Dispenser Passport Scanner Hotel Payment Kiosk
  • Optimal for Financial Services, Government, Mobile Service Providers
  • Windows or Android OS Available
  • Sample and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities) Enforced
  • Custom logo

Our UI/UX Design Agency Services

As a Technology Provider, we provide full scale UI/UX Services for mobile and web projects.

Design System

A design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications


Wireframing is a way to design a website service at the structural level. A wireframe is commonly used to layout content and functionality on a page.

User Research

User research is the process of understanding the needs, behaviors, and attitudes of users to inform the design and development of products or services.

User Story Creation

The purpose of a user story is to articulate how a piece of work will deliver a particular value back to the customer

High-Fidelity Prototypes

A high-fidelity prototype is a representation of the interface created digitally using some software tools.


We fill-in the gaps for companies wanting to leverage existing
project teams with outsourced UI/UX options.

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