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Document & Workflow Management Software

Empower Your Business Environment to Manage Documents More Effectively

FormSpecs is a customizable Document & Workflow Management System enabling organizations to work in paperless environments seamlessly.

Available In:

  • Cloud Subscriptions
  • On-Premise Installations
  • Tablet Accessibility

When it comes to paper document administration, FormSpecs powered by Content Central™ is the ideal solution. Companies that work with bulk contracts, medical records, and invoices can use our platform to administer documents seamlessly. What’s even better is the powerful embedded workflow engine, giving you the power to route documents to members within your company for review and approvals. This solution encompasses true paperless-revolution.

With FormSpecs you can create and manage documents using PDF-based electronic forms.  Files and documents can be captured from scanners, network folders, e-mail accounts and user interaction. The platform converts scanned images into fully searchable documents and all content can be accessed using keywords and other indexed information.

  • DMS For Small Business
Access Any Web Browser

Audit with Document History

Easy User Interface

Cloud Subscriptions

Customizable Dashboard

Setup Time – 2 Days

Collaborate and Share

Create and Capture Forms

Send Documents with Workflows

Route Documents for Coding

  • DMS For Enterprise
Access Any Web Browser Audit with Document History
Easy User Interface Cloud Subscriptions
Customizable Dashboard Setup Time – 2 Days
Collaborate and Share Customization Available
Route Documents for Coding Create and Capture Forms
Send Documents with Workflows

As it appears paper will one day become obsolete, organizations are moving away from traditional paper use.  At Glonetex Technologies, we work with organizations of all sizes in the assistance of scanning and archiving records on their behalf.  FormSpecs Digital Archiving Services leverages the technologies of Content Central™ to conduct digital archiving activities for clients needing to retain records for extended periods of time.  

The FormSpecs Interface is Designed for Easy Navigation and Configuration of Feature Modules.

The FormSpecs Archiving Dashboard Interfaces With the Mobile App Giving Customers Visibility of all Scanning Activities.

FormSpecs is Supported in the Following Languages

We’ve Collaboratively Conducted Over 100 Implementations of this Solution Worldwide.

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Employee Monitoring & Insider Threat Detection Software


  • Integrated & intelligent to reduce risk
  • AI powered User Behavior Analytics + User Activity Monitoring
  • Context rich recordings that optimize CERT and SOC response times
  • Advanced data breach response
  • Scalable architecture for up to 300k endpoints



  • Monitor employees working at home or in office
  • Productivity reports, dashboards and alerts
  • Easily deploys to remote devices
  • Monitor all of your employees’ activity (PC, MAC or Android)



  • Monitor, record and review all onscreen activity
  • Video playback of all onscreen activity
  • Simplified investigation of employees
  • For companies of any size looking to conduct forensic investigations
  • Visible evidence to support your decisions


Integrated & Intelligent 

Cerebral is an AI-powered security platform that integrates User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) with User Activity Monitoring (UAM), allowing rapid Data Breach Response (DBR). The ability to hunt threats by proactively recognizing signs of risk, like changes in an employee’s attitude and behavioral patterns, allows you to move your security posture from reactive to proactive.

Unlike  network monitoring or document tracking, Cerebral immediately alerts  you to who is exhibiting signs of risk, shows you related screen shots so that you can immediately determine the true nature of the incident. This visibility empowers your IT security team to rapidly take action (with 100% confidence) all while gathering the evidence essential to taking legal action.

  • Web Activity

Significantly more sophisticated than browser history, Cerebral records, and maintains information about web activity, including webmail usage, file uploads, and how long a user was engaged or active on a site.

  • Compromised Credentials

Cerebral monitors access to workstations and servers for unusual access by IP addresses, geolocation, and more.

  • Email Activity

Cerebral monitors access to workstations and servers for unusual access by IP addresses, geolocation, and more.

  • Chat & IM Activity

Capture, scan, alert and report on communications activity occurring on commonly used messaging apps; creates a definitive record for compliance and investigative uses.

  • Psycholinguistic Analysis

Using computational linguistic analysis, Cerebral can identify and categorize opinions expressed in email text, to determine the writer’s sentiment and sentiment changes that can point towards disgruntled workers and possible security risks.

  • Network Activity

Autonomously captures connections made by applications, including ports used and bandwidth consumed as well as time and location of connection.

  • File & Document Tracking

Tracks activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed.

  • Keystroke Logging

When needed, the option to record every keystroke, including “hidden” characters and combinations, insures you have the visibility you need into the activity of highly privileged users. With the Cerebral keylogger feature, all keystrokes can be recorded.

  • Application Activity

Captures all application usage to provide true reporting on what applications are open, being actively used, by who, and for how long.

  • Geolocation

Data on the location of an Android device can be tracked as well as configured to alert security when a user device enters a restricted location or moves outside a specified geographic area.

  • User Status

Produces an accurate record of session time and activity. Tracks logon and logoff but does not rely on logoff to identify when session activity ends.

  • Dark Web Tracking

Get alerted when employees access the Dark Web using the Tor Browser.

  • Risk Scoring

Actions and activities all play a part in building a comprehensive Risk Score for each user on your network. This activity data is then used to rank risky users in a watchlist which can efficiently be used to prioritize, predict and prevent potential threats. The score based on multiple factors including everything from files downloaded to unauthorized access from an unknown Geo location. Scores can be quickly reviewed in the Risk Score Dashboard. Additionally, once an employee reaches a certain threshold (established by your security team), an alert is sent, and action can be taken. Risk scores help companies to maximize efficiency and prioritize their cybersecurity efforts.

  • Anomaly Detection

Detects deviations from established patterns enabling early warning of insider threats.

  • Baselining

Self-learning of behavioral patterns for individuals and groups, driven by advanced machine learning, enables no-touch understanding of what normal looks like for everyone in your environment.

Productivity May Rise for Some But Drop for Others

Although some thrive in a telecommuting environment, one that requires self-discipline, self-direction and self-motivation, others will struggle. How do you know who needs help and guidance and who doesn’t. Understanding what employees are doing all day is crucial when managing a remote workforce and Veriato provides the visibility you need to effectively coach remote employees.

Employee Visibility gives you critical insights and visibility into:

  • What hours employees are working
  • How much they’re working
  • What they’re spending their time on
  • Do they need coaching
  • Do They need training
  • Is an employee struggling with the change to telework
  • Does a group or department need attention

Complete Visibility

Veriato software can track every employee’s productivity (in office or when telecommuting) and show results in easy to read dashboards and reports. You’ll gain back the visibility that’s crucial to managing a productive team. Veriato comes with preprogrammed productivity reports as well as a custom report generator. Veriato’s simple to read dashboards give group overviews and drill down detail capabilities, making productivity analysis powerful and efficient.

Complete Control

You will decide exactly who and what will be monitored. You can monitor individuals, groups, departments or the whole organization. You can monitor just the use of work applications or all activity on the employees PC/Mac/Android… or anything in between.  You can also choose to capture screen recording of anything that happens on a device at any time.

Team Productivity Summary (weekly report shown)

Same Day, Remote Deployment

Veriato agents are remotely deployed out to Windows, Mac and Android devices from the central management console. As soon as the agent is installed on the remote device it begins analyzing and recording all device activity.

Veriato offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options to fit your environment.

The Veriato agent is very light weight and can be deployed remotely so that you never have to go touch the employees device. Additionally it can be deployed in “stealth” making Veriato invisible to the end user.

Screen Recordings & DVR Playback

Veriato acts like a digital surveillance camera pointed directly at the employee’s PC, Mac, or Android device. The system takes snapshots of everything that appears on a remote worker’s screen and played back with DVR controls.

These recordings can be exported as JPG or AVI files for use as management tools. In the event of wrongdoing screenshot recordings become critical evidence for HR actions, as evidence in wrongful termination suits or in legal proceedings.

Record Anything & Everything

  • Chats & instant messages
  • Social media sites
  • Emails sent and received
  • File downloads
  • Online searches
  • Web sites visited
  • Application usage
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Network connections & bandwidth consumed
  • Documents printed or copied to a USB sticks
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