Consider adding extra layers of security around your IT assets using Several of our Biometric Offerings…

Our biometric solutions can be used in almost every facet of business operations. From time attendance terminals to fingerprint and mobile applications, we cover almost every spectrum of authentication and verification when it comes to accessing sensitive company information.

Biometric Enabled Kiosks & Tablets

Our eGate Kiosks are equipped with the latest ID verification and authentication tools. Our kiosks can be managed with existing information system platforms or utilized with our scalable web-based enrollment and authentication system. Our wide range of hardware customization services related to our kiosk selections is suitable for all the industries.

Our tablet can capture signatures & biometrics to verify new and existing customers. Waterproof capability and 1-Meter drop survival to concrete ensure its high performance under extreme environments.

Glonetex e-Gate Biometric Kiosk

The e-Gate Kiosk is designed specifically for Commercial Airlines and Border Protection Agencies. It’s sleek design is great of Outdoor and Indoor applications and includes all the necessary tools for Passport and Biometric capture and verification.

Biometric Enabled Tablet Offerings

Multi-faceted Industries are around the globe are employing mobile tools as primary employee and customer-facing technology interfaces. Our biometric tablet solutions support these efforts in multiple ways. Our tablets are totally customizable and compatible with Android, IOS and Windows operating environments.

Authorized ID Kore Reseller

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Attn: Mr. Eruayekomeme O. Emmanuel Quantum Beam Communications Limited (Sole Nigeria Distributor)
C22 Topaz Plaza opp. Alpha Beach bus stop Lekki Epe Express Way, Lagos Nigeria
+234 8036950152 (Office)
+234 8029021075 (Mobile)