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Business Process Improvement

We recognize that you definitely need an online identity to keep up in this age of competitive business world. We specialize in developing Web-Based Business Solutions that are designed to increase the productivity of your business. Our web-based business systems provide you with quick and easy access – anytime and anywhere. More so, being web-based means lower software and hardware requirements, eventually saving you money.

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Business Mobility

The demand for mobile apps has accelerated in all business realms. To manage this, we become your accelerator to design and develop brilliant mobile applications. We deliver world-class mobile application development and services for all industry-verticals. Our team of mobile app developers are creative and knowledgeable to undertake your demands and business needs.

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Featured Solutions

A comprehensive business strategy is crucial to success. Glonetex Technologies delivers small-enterprise scale project management services for the development of information systems and infrastructure projects. We help clients maximize the business results from mission-critical and large-scale IT initiatives, proactively managing both business and IT activities in concert with each other is required to ensure that business results equal or exceed expectations.

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Custom Kiosks and Tablets

Explore how our custom Kiosks and tablets can help automate some of your business processes and enhance Customer Service initiatives.

Featured Solutions

ID Kore™ is a cutting-edge mobile platform enabling mobile phone subscribers to Self-Registered their personal credentials with the use of Biometric Technology. Mobile Service Providers can now do away with all those external biometric devices.

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Bio-Shield is the premier mobile-service tool for Law Enforcement agencies to Search, Capture and Validate new and existing Offenders. The built-in biometric interface has the power to query several biometric databases and present search results in seconds.

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Performance Queue is a unique video survey distribution tool, created to support your organization in yielding higher responses. Our tool is designed to support organizational performance & quality initiatives through accurate data collection.

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IT Procurement

We work with companies of all sizes to supply a wide range of IT Infrastructure and Support equipment.

IT Project Management

For over 10 Years, we been involved in enterprise application development projects utilizing Agile Methodologies.

Video Production

Our Video Production services helps organizations deploy effective marketing and communications strategies.

Mobile App & Tablet Development

Our mobile app services empower companies to deliver effeciency for employees and clients.

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Glonetex Technologies

Glonetex Technologies is a software and IT services company that develops business manage solutions for multi-level industries including Banks, Financial Services, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Government and Manufacturing

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